Why Ditching Groups Is Very Very Bad

This one is for all my World of Warcraft Tanks and Healers. Stop ditching Mythic+ Groups!

Now that I have said that, I am sure plenty of you do not ditch a group once you are in it. There is an overwhelming number of people however that will, and the bulk of them fall into the Tank or Healer category. I am also sure many of you will be thinking “well, if the group didn’t suck then I wouldn’t have to leave”. This way of thinking is bad, and I will explain why. The group finder in World of Warcraft is an amazing thing. All my fellow Vanilla players can attest to how much easier it can make things over how it was in the beginning. The problem is, when you bail on groups that you’ve joined from the group finder several bad things happen. Some obvious, and some not so obvious.
You Trash Someone’s Key

I think we are all well aware of this one. When you leave a group mid dungeon on a Mythic+, you have just trashed the key holders shot at making the time on that key, and that’s a crappy thing to do. I have discussed this topic with a bunch of different Gamers, some old school, some new school. What I have found is that the new school, while an amazing class of gamer (and perhaps more efficient as far as time completion), are less likely to have “Game Etiquette”. What I mean by this is not complicated. World of Warcraft is a Multiplayer game. Therefore, we should all have a certain level of respect for our fellow players, if not for their game-play than at the very least a human being. When you ditch a group, you are actively causing that persons key to get bumped down. This is dejecting for most of us, especially the player who is trying to get geared up and become a better player. It’s disheartening, and it makes your fellow Gamer hate the Group Finder.

Pro Tip: If everyone hates the group finder, shouldn’t those of us that are more skilled, and experience lead the way towards making it better?

You Make the Group Finder Worse
With the whole “if you can’t keep up, don’t step up” mentality that is so prevalent right now in the game, we are ruining the whole point of the Group Finder, which is to help each other improve in skill, gear, and knowledge of Mythics. I have heard a lot of gamers say things like “well when I do this with my guild there’s never a problem so obviously these people don’t know how to play”. And to that I say bull shit. If you were in a Guild that was actively doing raids and Mythics, you probably wouldn’t be in the Group Finder for Mythic+ groups unless you were stone cold bored. Additionally, you are not automatically better just because you are in a Raiding Guild or Mythic Guild. I am in a Raiding Guild, but I still use the Group Finder when my Guildies are unavailable. When we are in the Group Finder, we are all there because we are looking for a group to help us accomplish something whether that be getting gear, learning mechanics, trying out a different spec or what have you. Therefore, when you ditch a Mythic+ group, that persons key gets downgraded, they re-queue with the lower key, and now you have even less decent options to choose from. In an MMO it creates a domino effect that negatively impacts everybody.

You Add to The Douchebaggery
I know plenty of WoW gamers that absolutely will NOT run Mythics because the only experience they have when they try to is the group finder and the douchebaggery that sadly, seems to always come along with it. As a result, the Mythic+ community is being denied some amazing players with amazing skills. And even if they DO force themselves to do it they often get shit on for not doing it well enough via in game chat harassment and people just leaving them behind. But here is what we need to remember: We were all new to Mythics at some point. Remember how amazing it felt to finally get one right and get that upgraded gear? That’s what everyone is after! With Healers and Tanks being the two biggest pieces needed to make a Mythic go well, we should be taking the lead in helping people improve wherever we can, so that we have a better pool of skilled players. There is always room for skill improvement and keeping the player pool amped up and skilled gives us better challenges to improve our own skill and play style.

What this all boils down to is simple: Don’t be a douche, help your fellow players instead of criticizing them, and have patience with people. Doing these three things will help the game experience overall more than you can possibly imagine!

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