How to Not Be Annoying In Discord

Use Push to Talk!I could make the statement “always use push to talk” and just end this post before I even get started, because that one thing alone will mostly prevent you from being annoying in VC on Discord. However, there are some folks that insist on using voice activation for Discord Chat. So here are a few recommendations geared to help you fine tune your Discord Etiquette and not make people angry.

Having a Proper Microphone
I can not stress this one enough, hence it is first on the list. If you are gaming from a laptop without a headset, you must be on push to talk. If you would like to be able to use voice activation, then it is essential that you have a decent headset with a microphone. This helps eliminate a lot of background noise and prevents your keystrokes from activating the voice and broadcasting all of your mad clicking to the whole channel. Please keep in mind though, that you get what you pay for in a headset. Don’t skimp on it. The cheaper headsets still pick up every little noise, so spring for a good one.

Be Conscientious of Your Environment
Where is your PC located? Is it in a relatively well trafficked area by other people? Is there a TV going or other people talking in the room that you’re in? If the answer to any of these is yes, then it is highly recommended that you change where you are gaming if Voice Activation is a must for you. Nobody in Discord voice chat wants to hear your Mom and Dad arguing, or your little brother or sister, or children begging for your attention. While your family and children should always come first before a video game, if you are going to invest the time in playing, make an effort to do so somewhere quiet so that your microphone isn’t picking up sounds like you are gaming in grand central station.

Invest In a Gaming Mouse
This one is my personal recommendation for those who hate using Push to Talk. If your push to talk key binding is a keyboard key, then when you are in a group doing something that requires your mouse hands undivided attention (most things in WoW), using Push to Talk can be a real pain in the ass. That being said, to encourage the use of Push to Talk I recommend using my method. I have a gaming mouse that has buttons on the side near my thumb. It doesn’t have to be an expensive mouse; the important thing is having a couple of buttons near your thumb. Set one of those as your Push to Talk button. Now, you never have to take your hand away from your mouse which will solve most of your issues using Push to Talk.

If None of These Work For You
If none of these work for you, then you may have to accept the fact that being in Discord Voice may not be the best option for you right now. The more you use Push to Talk, especially on a mouse key binding, the more accustom to it you will become until eventually it becomes second nature. If you cannot afford to purchase a new mouse that has convenient buttons for this, then I recommend using the minus key on your number pad (full size keyboards only). If you are right handed, it’s a relatively convenient spot that you can hit with a non-navigation finger. Ultimately though, the goal would be to use push to talk above voice activation because most of us are not in sound proof rooms. We share our home with other people who should be able to make noise at home just as much as the rest of us, however your voice chat group also deserves proper etiquette.

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